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    Vanessa Wu, Pope Paul VI College

    Gino Lai, Kwai Chung Methodist College

    Yidi Ma, Ning Po College

    Karensa Shum, Pope Paul VI College

    Dorothy Ho, Yew Chung International School

    After several months of working with Hong Kong Parents Association, we have understood the needs of both parents and children. Our group has prepared some videos bringing out the message "one step makes a difference".

    Please enjoy!


    Arguments happen very often between family members, but how will you deal with it?

    Will you just continue ignoring each other, creating a very tense atmosphere in family, or simply take a step back and bring everything back to how it should be?


    Communication within family is very important. It is very important to maintain a good relationship with each other. So rather than using harsh attitudes against family members, why don't we use a much friendlier and kinder way to approach them, and to understand them more?

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