Leadership Programme Snapshots Video Lyrics

Samantha Au Young, HKUGA College
We have already got together for half a year; every moment we spent together was memorable and precious. It was the first time for me to join leadership Programme and cooperate with outstanding students from all over Hong Kong. Being the youngest in the group, I was always supported and taken care by the rest of the leaders, and we got together like brothers and sisters. I was really glad that you all walked through the voyage these days with me...

Besides, by working with all the leaders, I have managed to think carefully from different perspectives when we think we know the answer. It was very lucky that this year’s Think Series leadership Programme gave us lots of opportunities to explore by putting ourselves into different positions. This leadership Programme gives us chances to get one step closer to society. Although we had a hard time tackling our work, nevertheless, we tried our best to get the job done and made it with our efforts.

I hope that the team can last forever, with our efforts, with our heart, with our spirits.





Chan Hiu Kwan Natalie, Christian Alliance S C Chan Memorial College
“Once upon a time, there was a frog living in a well and one day it was kissed by a princess. Magic then happened—the frog showed its real face--- a charming PRINCE!”

This was the story Clement told us during the first training session months ago, and now, all of us leaders have experienced this MAGIC! The rewarding leadership programme has really uncovered our potentials to be genuine princes and seasoned leaders.

During the past few months, we were trained by professional and marvellous trainers. Not only have I acquired useful skills, I have also learnt to think out of the box and step out from my comfort zone. It is surely wonderful that I can work and cooperate with elite students from other schools and together we organized the THiNKPosi+ive, THiNKGre@t and THiNKAga!n award ceremonies. Though it was challenging and exhausting, I still remember how joyful and satisfied we felt when hand in hand we accomplished the huge task. It is TEAMWORK that counts!

Being a master of ceremony is also a life-long memory to me. Previously I often felt uneasy speaking before a sizeable audience, let alone giving positive energy to the audience. I am so grateful I have gained this opportunity. At present, I have become more confident and equipped with skills be a good master of ceremony!

Equally important is the fact that I wish to express my utmost gratitude towards Wiseman Education to work out this wondrous MAGIC on us!


Chan Kwok Hei Kenny, S.K.H. Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School
THiNKSeries does make a difference to me. I am grateful for being accepted to this inspiring programme, and believe this will certainly be a highlight in my school life.

I am Kenny Chan, a F.4 student, from S.K.H. Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School. I am a vibrant person and also a deep thinker. I love reading since it can enrich my knowledge as well as sharpening my thinking skills. Apart from that, I am keen on interacting with others. I value cooperation and see it as a way to have problems solved through joint efforts.

From the beginning of the programme, 20 “strangers” (now companions!) gathered to go through intensive training and I was unfamiliar with everyone. I was so shy and reserved. Nevertheless, their passion and enthusiasm have influenced me a lot and I learnt to shake off my shyness to get involved in this TEAM!

Certainly, things don't go smoothly all the time during organizing the events. As obstacles emerged, we tackled them with our joint efforts. The more challenging the hindrance, the higher our team spirit ! Everyone was on fire and our momentum to achieve a successful ceremony was unstoppable. Despite the problems we encountered, we had so much fun in cooperating with each of us through the preparation! I am so glad that I can have such supportive teammates and I'm sure we have developed lifelong friendship among us. This absolutely boosts my experience and skills in organizing events, too.

The BIG day has finally come and we are all so exhilarated about it! All of us share an ultimate goal -- achieve a great ceremony. It’s time to let us shine!

"Everybody gets ready! On the count on 3--2--1..."


Joyce Chin, St. Mary's Canossian College
Be professional – it indeed became my motto throughout the preparation of the two awards ceremonies. The way of working in the programme is very much different from that in school – every day is a deadline that must not be missed or we risk having a ceremony without trophies, banners or even winners. It might seem harsh at the beginning, but now approaching to the end of the programme, I have started missing the days working with my fellow THiNKSeries Leaders. The experience and bonding with each other is way too hard to be explained in black and white, but one thing for sure is that the programme has undoubtedly become the highlight of my life as a Form Six student.



Elaine Fung, Good Hope School
It definitely wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say how time flies – it seems like it was only yesterday that the 20 THINKSeries Leaders from different schools met each other- today we already are the alumni of this programme. For me, the experience of the THINKSeries is very memorable, not only because I had the chance to meet and work with 19 other talented students from schools all around Hong Kong, but also the opportunities I was awarded with by organizing 2 events of such scale.

Throughout the programme, I was always touched and immensely inspired by how much our teachers from the workshops believe in us – their enthusiasm in teaching and guiding us, as well as the genuine support and care they offered made me realize how I could reach for much more if I believed in myself.

I’d like to thank each and everyone I came to knew through the THINKSeries Programme – the time I spent with you and all I’ve learnt from you will always remain in my mind for many years to come.


Ko Mai Sea Maisie, Good Hope School
I just cannot think of anything more amazing than to work with 19 extremely talented student leaders. Through inspiring exchange of ideas, tight cooperation and useful training programmes, I have come to appreciate the creative power of my fellow teammates and how collective effort can bring together something as big as a prize ceremony. Though my participation is limited, these very considerate people always include me and I definitely feel the warmth and energy. One just cannot ask for more!



Jocelyn Heng, Maryknoll Convent School
When the programme first started in January, the notion of single-handedly organizing two award ceremonies was rather daunting. After all, how could the 20 of us scramble a major event together in mere weeks? However, the team’s dedication and devotion to quality proved my sceptism misplaced. Once we warmed up to each other after the initial training sessions, we worked in sync like the best of buddies.

As a “macro” person, I had always tended to look at the big picture while neglecting the minute details. This programme trained my meticulous eye and spurred me to challenge my own limits.

Be that as it may, we could not have achieved what we have without the continuous support of Clement, Winnie and Eric. Thanks for everything!

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.- Aristotle

Bits and pieces that made this an unforgettable programme:
Waking up to 30 new emails every day. Trying to come up with funny lines for emcee-ing. Writing press releases and attempting to translate them. Pestering the press for media coverage. Preparing certificates like assembly line workers. Poring over minute-by-minute rundowns. Joking around with my fellow teammates. And most importantly, rocking the show and shining on stage!


Hung Po Shan Redpo, MFBM Chan Lui Chung Tak Memorial College
Life seems an endless journey. Magic bullets and Mark Six wins are but pie in the sky. What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything? Lao-tzu said a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I took a giant leap by being one of the leaders of the “THiNK Series” this year. What a great honour to be associated with this event.

Initially, the idea of being a Master of Ceremonies and working in a project management team was all Greek to me. I learnt so much from the co-leaders and trainers. Perhaps, the greatest lesson of all was that I could push beyond my limits to become more confident, self reliant, and well-informed.

The Programme not only widened my outlook, but it also enriched my knowledge and gave me the courage to be more independent. What I have gained this year is priceless. Hence, thanks to you all for everything.

The great poet Horace was right. We should seize the day. To hesitate means failure. One must treasure each opportunity and keep pushing forward with our life. You have to believe in yourself. This is the secret of success.






Kwan Chun Yiu Charles, St. Joan of Arc Secondary School
I am glad to have this golden opportunity to take part in this programme organized by Wiseman as I can work with professionals and the other 19 elites. Not only the skills of management we have learned, but also the major component in a team, that is the team spirit. I believe that all of us benefited a lot from thise programme and found that they are useful in our future as we need to lead a team and encounter similar situations. The most crucial thing we have been rewarded with are friends who had special and unique experiences with each other. We should treasure it, otherwise we will regret about that.




Cyrus Lai, La Salle College
Overall, the New Zealand Leadership Programme had given me a lot of chances to practice my language and management skills.

Through this programme, I have met brilliant students from different schools. Each of them are very unique and it had been a great pleasure to work with such an interesting combination of students.


Lam Sze Ching Sharon, Heep Yunn School
Hi there! I’m Sharon Lam, a F6 student from Heep Yunn School. I am interested in a host of activities, varying from reading, writing, debating, music, drama (messing around in the backstage) to dancing, with the lamentable exception of sports. I’d like to think of myself as committed, inquisitive and ardent, although people who know me would probably describe me as talkative, noisy and with exploding passion. However, I can be insecure and prone to stage fright. One thing that’s certain though – I’m always willing to step out of my comfort zone and charge forward with zeal and enthusiasm. If I fall, I learn from my mistakes, patch myself up and continue to brave every obstacle with the same stubbornness and determination.

If you think an awards ceremony is only about a few trophies, think again.

There’s the run-down to be made, the invitation letters to be carefully written and sent out (and I’m talking about hundreds of invitation letters here), the press to deal with, the publicity stuff to be designed, the manpower to be allocated, and the event planned down to the last meticulous detail. Then there are the MC scripts to be written and re-written again and again. Of course, let’s not forget the unpredictable audience reaction and schools’ turn-up rate. What sets the Think Series leaders apart from other student-run organizations is that we are working with a professional company, dealing with the mass public and the media, meaning that we are expected to deliver the highest quality of work. Having to measure ourselves against a benchmark set at a high level, sometimes the pressure and workload was over-whelming. Yet despite our very packed schedule, the TS leaders have always been happy to help each other out and offer support when it is needed. The satisfaction of having put on a good show, thanks to our combined effort, puts a bright smile on my face.

Aside from the painstaking but memorable preparation experience, I have had the invaluable opportunity to polish my speaking and thinking skills through interactive workshops and on-the-spot public speaking practices with the pros. Most importantly, however, is the friendship I’ve gained throughout the ups and downs of this wonderful experience. One down and one more to go. SHINE ON STAGE EVERYONE. 


Lau Chin Wai Rebecca, Lai Chack Middle School
Time flew.

With the concerted effort of all the leaders, we performed a miracle. Since joining this leadership programme, I have become a self-actualizing person and advanced to my next level. Indeed, this leadership programme is not only a facilitator of the learning and development of students, but also a platform for us to broaden our social circle. That’s why I met so many brilliant leaders here.

Being one of the leaders, I relish the chance to learn and have fun. This year will definitely be an invaluable reminder in my life.


隨著領袖們共同的努力, 我們創造了奇蹟。

當我參加了這個領袖訓練計劃以後, 我成為一個能發揮潛能的人, 並在我生命的旅途上踏出了一大步。事實上, 這個領袖訓練計劃不單是一個幫助學生學習和發展所長的誘導者, 它更提供一個平台讓我們擴闊社交圈子。因此, 我在此認識了很多一流的領袖。

作為其中一位參與者, 我很享受這個讓我學習和尋求樂趣的機會。這一年,將會是我人生中值得珍惜和懷念的時刻。


Kevin Lau, Diocesan Boys’ School
Hi there, this is Kevin Lau from Diocesan Boys’ School…and I must say, my time in the THINKSeries Leadership Programme has been an amazing chapter in my life. I’ve come such a long way and tried my hand at so many new things these few short months. I’ve had my patience tried by the press, stammered and stuttered in a recorded interview, been buried under the literal pile of deadlines that flew my way, and more…but while the experiences individually may not have been pleasant, taken together they have made me learn a lot about myself – about my abilities and my limits – and in the process combined to form an unforgettable journey. And it’s not just about what I did, it’s also about who I did those things with: my teammates, the staff at Wiseman, the coaches and professionals who came to teach us...Bright and devoted people all, it’s been brilliant getting to know you and learning so much off you from the time we spent together!

我在THINKSeries Leadership Programme渡過的時光,定然是我人生中難忘的一頁。我在短短數月中,接觸到種種新挑戰,經歷了種種辛酸。我嘗過了與媒體交接方面的煩惱,嘗過了在進行訪問時啞口無言的那種無奈,嘗過了給接二連三而來的「死線」逼得措手不及……雖然這些經歷未必全都是正面的,但概括而言它們卻成為了一段自我發掘之路途。隨了幹的事情外,與我一起走這一段路的人也同樣重要:我的隊友、智慧門的職員、來教導我們的導師……你們給了我太多了,小弟感激不盡!


Lee Ming Chun Derek, St. Francis Xavier’s College
Never had I imagined to be chosen as one of the 20 THiNKSeries Leadership Programme leaders. And never would I be regretful for taking part in this programme at the expense of sleeping extra late and failing all my subjects.

Participating in this programme, I have really learnt a lot and made a lot of friends. My eyes have also been opened by the talents of the other 19 leaders. I am sure that I have a lot to learn from them and I wish our friendships could last for a life time. I would like to thank Wiseman for giving us this opportunity to learn and to put what we have learnt into practice.

I would also like to thank all the trainers for equipping us with different traits needed in society today to prepare us for our future challenges. Nonetheless, I would like to thank all my fellow leaders; without the 19 of you, I can never run these ceremonies on my own.


Lo Ka Ying Patricia, STFA Leung Kau Kui College
20 leaders,

20 brains,

20 personalities,

With the number ‘20’, maybe you would think that the above qualities are countable.

Yet, in fact, the above qualities that weave the Think Series Programme together are not only uncountable but also invaluable because the friendship and the horizon we broaden here are both lifelong beneficial and memorable.

To Wiseman, our trainers and the other 19 inspirational leaders, it’s been wonderful to meet every one of you!

思賞行, 這活動匯集了

20 位中學生,

20 種不同性格,

或許, 你會以為這些特質是可數的啊! 其實, 這些特質集思廣益而成的思賞行不但不是可數, 更不是簡單可用數字量化的, 皆因為在這裡建立的友誼和擴闊的眼界都是終生難忘,終生受益的

最後, 想和智慧門, 我們的導師和其他19位領袖說一聲謝謝吧!


Victoria So, Diocesan Girls’ School
The THiNKSeries Leadership Programme was certainly an enriching experience. Through interacting with different individuals, I have learnt to be more open to criticism and suggestions, as well as becoming more patient, embracing each person as they are, regardless of their shortcomings.

Through working with the press and as an MC for the two Awards Ceremonies, I have broadened my horizons, gaining insight into the lives of other people such as the workings of the mass media. Lastly, I have gained valuable friendships from collaborating with the other leaders. Our mutual support for each other has strengthened the bond between all of us. I am truly grateful for such an experience and I look forward to having reunions with all the leaders in the near future.




Alex Tam, Diocesan Boys’ School
The end is just another beginning.

From this program, I hope to explore a new realm of public correspondence by engaging myself in press matters, and gain experience in hosting, be it in the spotlight on stage or pulling of strings from below. With a group of mixed talents and vibrant personalities, I’m sure we’ll make up an awesome bunch; plenty of fun and happiness in store for all of us, and most of important of all, friendships that will live on for years to come. May the show begin.

Four months ago, a select 20 bright young men and women were brought together with the aim of bringing two award ceremonies of grandeur to life. Little did they know of the challenges that lay ahead. I knew nothing of what was in store for me. The first task was a rather interesting experience, for one could probably have gone an entire life without having to call a complete stranger more than thrice. It was a very frustrating job to do, and thus it brought me closer to understanding the virtue of patience. Preparing for the Think Again Awards Ceremony was another story though, as I was handed the honour of being a Master of Ceremony. The writing of a script with the aim of entertaining an audience of grown-ups and teenagers at the same time was really difficult, and problems popped up as the rundown was revised over and over again. When I wrapped up the ceremony with my lines, however, I knew the hard work was worth it. And for that, I have to thank Laura, for coaching me and my fellow colleagues; Clement, for giving me the chance to shine; Winnie, for her enduring patience; and my teammates, for embracing me as a true friend.

What ends here today shall not be forgotten, for what the 20 of us have gone through is unique only to those who were in it, a club that will never be able to admit others. One of the wisest men I have ever met once said, “All of you will embark on a new journey in life.” I’m pretty sure we will.


Ails Yip, Ho Fung College
I didn’t expect that I would learn so much from this program. In just a few months, we have had lessons conducted by professionals, organized two awards ceremonies and gained first hand experiences in dealing with the press, students and schools. I’m inspired by the staff of Wiseman and my teammates to always try my best and to explore our own potentials. They’ve become my friends and mentors. Thanks guys for giving me this unique and unforgettable experience!

我沒有想過可在這個領袖訓練計劃中有如此大的得著。短短數月內,我們接受了專業人士的訓練、舉辦了兩個頒獎典禮和獲得和傳媒、學生和學校接觸的第一手經驗。過程中,智慧門的職員和我的隊友啟發了我要多作嘗試,發掘自己的潛能,永遠向更高的目標進發。他們已成為了我的良師益友。 衷心感謝各位為我締造了這次難忘和獨特的經驗!


Joyce Yip, St. Paul's Convent School
If given a chance - I would love do it all once again!

I was the stage manager for the first time in my life in the THiNKPosi+ve Awards Ceremony and I can tell you – being in charge of the whole stage was a lot of work. But I was lucky to have all of the leaders helping and giving me an unforgettable memory of not only a lot of work, but fun as a stage manager!

Unlike the THiNKPosi+ve, a part of me does not want the THiNKAga!n Awards Ceremony to come. Not because I am nervous, but because I know once it comes, time will fly and our programme will come to an end.

Things we learnt from this programme are far more than I ever expected and it is such a privilege to have this opportunity to be part of all this. One thing I treasure the most is undoubtedly, the friendship that I gained with the other 19 leaders. However much I do not want the programme to end, I know for a fact that our friendship will not. I am really, really grateful for that.

So! I cannot wait for us to Shine On Stage and even Shine In Life!!


Kenneth Yiu, Shung Tak Catholic English College
Organising two big programmes is never an easy job for me and for my 19 teammates.

Sometimes, we get frustrated with the loads of work and unknowns before us. That is when team spirit keeps us working as one and I realize that leadership skills and project management skills are essential to holding an event, but cooperation and persistence are what make an event a success.

I thank the programme for giving me this opportunity to learn, to explore and to broaden my horizons.

And guys, thank you! I really enjoy the fun we have had throughout the whole programme. The games, the laughter, the gags…

Wish that the spirit of ThinkAGAIN goes on and on.









2008 Leaders

Call for 2014 ThinkSeries Leaders.

Join 20 top students in Hong Kong to show your perspective to the world.

Collaborative Hands-on Experience (20 Nov 13- 30 May 14, Weekly)

  • Meet with industry experts in innovation and product design
  • Create your very own technological innovation to make a better world
  • Learn and utilise different electronic platforms, such as crowd-funding, to support your innovative experience
  • Launch your creation at the Asia’s largest spring electronics show, the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) in 2014