Leadership Programme Snapshots Video Lyrics

ThinkSeries Leaders 2010

Anthony Chan, Diocesan Boys' School

Hi, this is Anthony Chan, a sixth form arts student from Diocesan Boys’ School. Reading is my greatest passion, and it is in books and articles that I catch glimpses of the world and come to understand it, gradually coming closer to becoming a global citizen. And as prospective global leaders, we need something more. We lead to serve.

It is a great pleasure to be admitted to this leadership training programme. This has not only brightened up my prospects, but has also set me on a venture to meet a host of student elites, each with their own dreams, their own potentials. Through this programme, I hope to learn not just the qualities of a leader, but also the responsibilities burdened upon us in this 21st century. This is a lesson – a lesson to meditate upon this volatile changing world and our roles in it.

Cheryl Chan, PLK Mrs Ma Kam Ming Cheung Fook Sien College

Hi! This is Cheryl, a Form 6 from PLK Mrs. Ma Kam Ming Cheung Fook Sien College. It’s the first time for me to join the THiNKSeries Leadership Programme. I think that I still have to learn more in different aspects or else I’ll lag behind with this ever-developing society.I believe that joining this programme will be a very good chance for me to learn and experience more.

At my leisure, I usually go out with my family and friends. I really enjoy every moment with them as they always make me laugh. Going shopping, playing badminton, swimming and watching movies are what we usually do together.

Some people say that I’m a bit stubborn sometimes, particularly while I am working. I do admit that sometimes I’m quite demanding but perhaps that kind of attitude motivates me to do everything in full force. Hopefully, this “demanding” attitude will help me contribute as much as I can to this programme.

Judy Chu, Yew Chung International School

Hi everyone. We are the Think Series Leader of 2010. There are twenty-one of us, and I am one of them -- Judy Chu, a year 11 IGCSE student from Yew Chung International School.

As you might wonder, why am I even here when I'd be having my IGCSE exams this year; well, I would want to take this challenge and learn through all these experiences -- not only the skills that we will learn in this course but also improving my time management skills that I consider as one of my weakness. I belong to the Prefect Team at school and I like socializing and can be rapport with people of different age. But please do not stereotype me as one of those "good students", I always consider myself to be a playful person (and a bit naughty sometimes). I believe that not performing as a "good student" who only follows teacher's instructions could sometimes help us to be creative and think out of the box. I also like to play basketball and gymnastics though they sound irrelevant at all, and they provided me chances to cooperate with my mates and take up challenges.

The world is developing in such a tremendous speed, and due to globalization the trend of the world in near future would require all countries to work together, solving global problems in this realistic world. Global Perspective was a new IGCSE syllabus that started two years ago, and there were only 23 schools in the world taking this course in 2008 -- Yew Chung is one of them, and the only one in Hong Kong which took such course at that time -- I am proud to be one of the students who has a global perspective and had been looking into numerous global issue like global warming, education problem, future sustainable development and ethnic groups around the world.

I believe that this Think Series leadership course can further develop me to be a global citizen as it slogans -- "global perspectives, innovative minds, caring generation". I am looking forward to learn more and further develop my communication skills, and become a professional at managing a ceremony as different posts. I've seen two of the graduates from my school who also used to take part in such course stood out charmingly as students of excellence, therefore, I really look forward to the Thursday sessions coming up and the day we Shine on the Stage like them.

Frederick Fung, Creative Secondary School

My name is Frederick Fung. That is a common start in an introduction. But here is something unexpected. I am a stranger living in a strange city. Sorry. But that’s my opinion. I am from Singapore. If you been there before, yes. Everything is peaceful and boring. But our government is not “fuzzy” on the insides.

Great leaders or even great humans, learn from failures. I am confident I am not afraid to fail. There is not a human on earth that is perfect. I am not perfect. In ThinkSeries Leadership Programme, I plan to make mistakes. I plan to learn from my mistakes. So I don’t make my mistakes again. It is to my up most interest that I improve myself over time. Teamwork is also important. Everything starts from making friends, getting to know my team-mates better. I believe, from ThinkSeries Leadership Programme, I can be a better me, with a bunch of friends that have improved.

I would like to end this with a quote.

“Personally I'm always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught.

Sir Winston Churchill”

British politician (1874 - 1965)

Isaac Ho, Tsuen Wan Government Secondary School

Hello I am Isaac Ho! I am a form 4 student from Tsuen Wan Government Secondary School. I have got numerous of hobbies- sports, chess, music, debate and many others. I like playing chess most because it can train my logical thinking and how to stay calm when facing difficulties. I enjoy the time “dueling” with my friends on the chessboard! I would say I am very interested in those activities, however I am a master of none. But who cares? This doesn’t affect my enthusiasm for learning and challenging.

I think I am really fortunate to become one of the twenty ThinkSeries Leaders. My cousin is also one of the leaders who joined the programme in 2008. He told me that it’s such a rewarding experience and would certainly broaden my horizon. I think the programme will surely improve my spoken and written English, and I can think more independently, this helps me become a successful leader in the future. I am now one of the members in the production and management team that I look forward to being responsible for organizing the whole function! Let’s work hard together, teammates!

Vivien Ko, Diocesan Girls' School

Being an all-rounded student is my short-term goal. A student who does not only achieve good academic performances, acquire various music skills, practice sports techniques and actively take part in community services; but a rhythmical global perspective. In order to achieve such goal, an inspiring learning environment is definitely the surrounding I really long for.

Nowadays, everyone can obtain information freely in the internet. But I deeply believe that not everything is reachable through it. To acquire knowledge of various culture and to have a sense of global citizenship, experience is the most essential element.

I feel grateful to be selected as one of the twenty leaders. And I am looking forward to the programmes that are provided in ThinkSeries Leadership Programme. It would surely equip us with different skills that would help us to overcome the setbacks in the future. Hope that I would not only acquire knowledge that cannot be learned from school but gain a life-long friendship.

Jackie Lai, Maryknoll Convent School (Secondary Section)

Energetic, persistent and cheerful - That’s what best describes me, Jackie Lai from Maryknoll Convent School. Though hesitant and stubborn at times, I treasure every moment of life and is determined to make the most out of it. Nothing tells you more about me than my motto, “Try again. Fail again. Fail better”. Having strong belief in courage and faith, I am willing to take up responsibilities and face challenges. During my spare time, cooking is my passion and reading is my world. I enjoy playing Taekwondo, piano and swimming as well. They are what make my life colourful and full of surprises.

Unpredictability is what makes life marvelous. I am most honoured to have such a valuable chance in work with all these high-profile leaders. Excited, I hope to further establish my communication techniques, leadership skills and explore my true potential. And, most importantly, make friends and simple have some fun, which I know is guaranteed right from the start of our first meeting.

Andrew Lam, Wah Yan College, Hong Kong

As the President of the Student Association, I am always given a great deal of opportunities to address speeches in public. As a matter of fact, this is both a blessing and a curse. More oration experience can no doubt hone my communication skills, particularly with a crowd. However, on the other hand, it can be discouraging sometimes if I fail to convey my messages fluently and entice the audience.

In order to eliminate those embarrassing moments, I sought advice from every person I can find. Nonetheless, the situation was not improved much and still appeared as irremediable. Not until my vice-principal advised me to join this meaningful program where I have a chance to work with a score of brilliant minds. I am confident that I can learn a lot from my comrades and solve my previous puzzle. May the journey begin now!

Annie Lam, Po Leung Kuk 1984 College

Hi! My name is Lam Hiu Ming (Siu Ming). I am a S4 student from Po Leung Kuk 1984 College. It is quite difficult to introduce myself because I am a mercurial girl, so I’ll just introduce my favourite things. I love making jokes, but what a shame that people don’t always laugh. I don’t want to do my homework but, unfortunately, the teachers give a lot. I love eating, but I am getting fat. Some people may think I am silly, but I just think I am funny.

Mary Lam, St Paul's Secondary School

Hi there! This is Mary from St. Paul’s Secondary School. I think a piece of ice best describes me. I may look cool and stern sometimes especially when I’m not smiling, but please don’t be scared off, for I am quite a loquacious person instead. Like ice does melt someday!

My favourite hobby is watching movies. I especially enjoy myself in cinemas, for it feels great to experience something as a crowd. I love working as a team for the same reason. It’s therefore my pleasure to be in this leadership programme, and to work with all of you leaders. Let’s treasure this opportunity of learning and making friends. Hope all of us enjoy and have big fun.

Angus Lee, Hong Kong Chinese Women's Club College

Hi everyone! I am Angus Lee, an S.4 student from Hong Kong Chinese Women’s Club College. It is my pleasure to be chosen as one of the twenty bright leaders in ThinkSeries Leadership Programme 2010. People usually described me as a talkative, sporty and practical person.

I love playing sports such as football and basketball as I highly value teamwork. I always believe that collaboration leads to success. Besides, I have a lot of pastimes, like playing chess, reading detective stories and playing sudoku, etc. These activities can polish my logical thinking skills and problem-solving skills. They are real fun.

Having been admitted to this programme, I’m going to seize this opportunity to broaden my horizons and gain experiences of launching an event. Most important of all, I hope I can be a true leader and a capable individual, and be able to handle tasks and confront challenges after taking part in this rewarding programme.

Rosa Lee, St Francis' Canossian College

Hi there! This is Rosa from St. Francis’ Canossian College. If I were confined to use one word to conclude myself, I’d use “unstable”. To be frank, I am quite an emotional person, and sometimes bad-tempered. But there are also times that I am able to control myself and be calm, or even to make justified decisions without interference from any other factors. Yet I can say that this is definitely not acceptable for a leader, who should always (not sometimes) have a clear mind. I really wish I could improve on that, and this is also the reason for me to join this programme.

Martin Luther King once said in his speech, “I have a dream today!” I believe it’s important for one to dream, and the most important, to make it real. I’ve had a lot of dreams throughout my life, and most of them came true. Being in this programme is also one of my dreams – And yes I finally get the chance to be one of the leaders! And now I’ve got to dream higher – To be a world citizen and successful leader with a global perspective. I believe this is not only my dream, but also the dream of all of us participating in this programme. I just couldn’t wait any longer to work with these future leaders!

Jesse Leung, STFA Leung Kau Kui College

This is Jesse speaking. I’m just one of the ordinary Form 6 students from STFA Leung Kau Kui College. I love hanging around with friends, exploring the surroundings and have fun on streets! Together we search places of interests with nice local food, have crazy poses when taking snapshots even in public, messing around everywhere with music and video camera. Life is full of adventure and now I’m exploring the world of leadership in this programme. Surely it is going to be one of the most memorable, vivid and learnable experience from the programme leaders and fellow teammates!

Raphael Ngai, Sing Yin Secondary School

This is Raphael from Sing Yin. I am forgetful but scrupulous, shy but brave, sometimes lazy but always vigorous. My soul has been captured by two things, History and Football. I think I am able to tell you everything, from the Stone Age to the Second World War. I love football that I always throw my textbooks away and play with my friends before exams. I enjoy talking with others, especially girls (I regard they are more sharp-tongued and talkative than boys). I am contented to have a light bulb brightened in mind after listening to different opinions.

Now, I am filled with unlimited energy, confidence and passion to beat all the challenges coming. I would like to go on this long journey with another 19 comrades and share the goodtime with them. I have a dream, that is, to use my own hands and knowledge to contribute to society. Therefore, I have to ‘upgrade’ myself first. I would become a benevolent, honest and capable leader. Tomorrow is in my hands. I am ready!

Stephanie Smith, HKUGA College

I may not be born a great leader, but with the help of this programme and my own efforts, I can certainly further develop my skills and confidence. I may not be the most outspoken person in a group, but that does not make me a bad speaker. Being an optimistic person, I always do things with a positive attitude and make my own way through any obstacles. When alone, I enjoy thinking and observing the things and people around me. I am usually the most eager to try out new things, to learn, to understand and to experience. I value friendship and love to interact with the people around me and extend my social circle. My personal goal in life is to live it to the fullest, as you will never live again.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that I have a chance to be here. I believe that it must be fate for me to be with the 19 of you along with the professionals. It is definite that I will have mixed feelings when working with unfamiliar faces. However, with all the talent and enthusiasm in us, we will surely make a great team. We are here to share one common goal, that is to strive for the best! This will certainly be an eventful journey in my life.

Hilton Tai, St Paul’s Secondary School

Hi! I’m Hilton, a F6 student from St Paul’s Secondary School.

I am a person of contradiction. I am lazy but motivated. I love being alone but enjoy times spent with friends. I am temperamental but logical.

Being a motivated person, I always energize myself with challenges and problems, never giving up halfway. By setting and reaching goals, I find my self-confidence builds fast and know where I have to concentrate my efforts. In 2010, the main thing I hope to achieve is being not only an achiever but also an all-rounded leader. Therefore, I am glad to be admitted to this leadership programme which equips me for my goal and gives me a chance to meet twenty new faces. ThinkSeries Leaders, let’s have fun and strive for our goals!

Violet Wu, Diocesan Girls' School

Hello, my name is Violet Wu. I am currently studying in the Lower 6 arts class in Diocesan Girls' School. I am a cheerful and outgoing person, and I enjoy sports and music. When facing difficulties, I try to see them as challenges and persevere to solve the problems. As I am a self-motivated and committed person, I believe that what doesn't kill me can only make me stronger, and so I try to stay committed to anything I do, and overcome the difficulties that come my way.

I am honoured to be selected as one of the leaders of this leadership training programme. With this wonderful opportunity, I hope to improve my communication and leadership skills. I feel that I can benefit from this program because it gives me a chance to broaden my horizons and extend my social circle.

Furthermore, I am sure I will be more confident when facing strangers and speaking in public after taking part in different kinds of trainings. Such essential communication skills cannot be learnt from textbooks, but through experiences and practices only.

Finally, I hope that through this programme I can get to know my teammates better. I am sure we will all have a great time, and make this year both fruitful and memorable for all of us!

Annie Yu, St. Mary's Canossian College

Charisma will do to get a KISS.

KISS – Keep It Smart and Special. With irresistible charisma, you will shine on stage, as a smart and unique leader. This is also my aspiration and goal – to be a leader and step up to make the world a better place, which is with love and harmony.

In a large group of students, I can always be recognized and remembered. It's probably because of my enthusiasm and positive attitude. My laugher and giggle usually pervade the whole room or even dwell in your heart. I can definitely bring you joy.

New challenges come every day and they follow you like your own shadow. I will embrace them with confidence and overcome all the obstacles with my partners. If I fail, I will learn from my mistakes and have a new start! Nothing is impossible.

I don't view things in another perspective but in global perspectives and this talent will definitely make me an asset to the ThinkSeries programme. The ThinkSeries leaders are from different schools and with different ideas. I believe that there will be positive sparks and innovations. I am confident that 21 intelligent teens with passion and innovative minds are going to create another year of glory!

Tom Yuen, Wan Yan College, Kowloon

As I always say, my English is not good at all. But somehow, what I usually do is making people laugh when I speak in English. Therefore when I work as a team member, I can always bring my team a happy atmosphere. And I guess that is why I enjoy working as a team, as every moment I am with a team brings me happy memories.

There is no way to understand someone unless through conversation. I love making friends because I can get to know a whole different story when I communicate with them. Being one of those in ThinkSeries 2010, what I am looking for is experiences from different people. And you know what, I can’t wait to discover a whole new world.

Writing and reading is also one kind of silent conversation. When we are willing to make new friends, we can do it as any way we want.


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