Language Out Loud

Language Out Loud
 Read, Think, Write

The Competition

In this campaign, students read, write and speak English. Through reading and interpreting selected Classic stories, students’ creativity can go wild.

This campaign aims to create a pleasurable language learning environment, providing opportunities for primary students to unleash their curiosity in the world of a classic novel. It also aims to use their imagination and creativity to retell or interpret what they have read through a multi-tiered competition and a series of celebratory activities carried out within their communities. This series of activities and events is a combination of fun-filled learning processes, creative output and learner-led celebration.

Goals of the Campaign:
  1. To stimulate students’ interest in reading classic stories
  2. To boost students’ confidence in their ability to read and interpret in English
  3. To nurture students’ appreciation of artistic communication
  4. To promote language arts within the community
Sponsored by:
SCOLAR CULTURAL AGENTS Fun & Friends Pre-Texts Wiseman Education
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