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Comments for Think Again Documentaries 2009

Ms Melissa Crawford  |  Vice-Consul, New Zealand Consulate-General

Congratulations to all the students who participated in the THiNKAga!n documentary competition. The documentaries I judged were insightful, creative and thought provoking. I was very impressed with the acting, filming and editing of the documentaries as well as the clever, thoughtful and entertaining scripts. It is great to see groups of students working so well together and creating such outstanding documentaries.

Ms Mickey Choi  |  Senior Project Officer, Hong Kong Independent Short Film & Video Awards (ifva)

I was very impressed by every effort that students put into the project. Some of the submissions are very mature which is not only showing the issue that the creators concern a lot but also bringing up the question for audience to think again. Making video is not an easy task. From idea generating, researching, shooting to editing, it is all about the communications between the creator, audience and society. I hope students can take it as a starting point to share their love and caring to everyone with their creativity.

Prof Lusina Ho  |  Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong

The Think Again project is an excellent opportunity for participants to engage with a variety of forms of communication in a presentation to bring across powerful messages. The vast majority of the submissions demonstrate a competent use of text, picture, and music to reflect upon abstract themes such as love, parenthood, and environmental protection. The better ones show a superior grasp of English, careful thoughts put into the plot, creative angles to a common theme, and above all integration of the communication tools.

Overall, the entries were impressive and a pleasure to review. A very warm congratulations to the participants for such a good job.

Prof Adam Lui  |  Former Head of History Department, The University of Hong Kong

The students are able to describe different kinds of love, and they are resourceful in describing them quite in details. The documents are carefully made and, I believe, they have spent a lot of time on them. The entries, as a whole, have reached a very high standard, and I enjoyed reviewing them. However, I did not find any entry that depicts love among teenagers or between man and woman. I think love should also include this. Maybe other entries have already done this.

Dr Ruth Wong  |  Senior Teaching Fellow, Department of English, Hong Kong Institute of Education

"It has been my great pleasure to view your hard work. I can see the effort you all put in. Most importantly, the social issues you addressed indeed worth revisiting by us, the adults. We, as adults, were inspired by the way you all looked at issues like love and relationship."

Comments for Think Great Snapshots 2009

Ms Cindy Cheung  |  Hong Kong Parents Association

"The titles, compositions are full of creativity, the wordings express innermost feeling of the writers and make the readers touch the same. Use of glossary is rich with above average written skill. The photos are good auxiliary tools to attract the readers' attention. I enjoyed both the text and the photo. I believe people will pay much care amongst each other which is drawn by the students, thanks a lot to the lovely youngsters."

Ms Melissa Crawford  |  Vice-Consul, New Zealand Consulate-General

"Congratulations to all those students who participated in the Think Great Snapshot Competition. The photographs entered in the competition were thoughtful, interesting, eye-catching and taken with great skill. All participants should be proud of their outstanding entries."

Ms Theresa Cunanan  |  Lecturer, College of International Education, Hong Kong Baptist University

I am enlightened by all the photos contributed by these perceptive young people. Congratulations to all of you! "What makes photography a strange invention is that its primary raw materials are light and time." - John Berger.

Mr David Glasscock  |  Director, Wiseman Education

I found the entries full of passion, vision and love. The photos were imaginative, well presented and I really appreciated all the entries I judged.

Ms Nicole Tavares  |  Teacher Educator, Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong

'Standards are amazingly high and I'm deeply fascinated by the students' creativity as well as originality displayed in the various choices they made. Each student/team approached the chosen theme with utmost sensitivity, demonstrated not only skill but also thoughtfulness in the photo taken and made effective use of both language and style in the title, caption and commentary to appeal to us in very special ways of their own. I enjoyed reading every entry and feel naturally pulled into their world to share their unique experience, reflect on the issue presented to us and gain some fresh insights.'

Dr Ruth Wong  |  Senior Teaching Fellow, Department of English, Hong Kong Institute of Education

"A good photo speaks a thousand words. The photo entries this year were superb and indeed outstanding. The photos, captions and commentaries can inspire people to love and care about the nature, the world and themselves."

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